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The Sands of Time

By Joanna Dellaripa Rosenberg | Without my mother needing to announce our plans, I always knew we would be heading to the beach that day when I woke up to the sound of ice being pushed out of the freezer trays…

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Addressing the Holidays

By Tracy Miller Geary | For the past 30 years, I’ve used the same brown leather Filofax address book I purchased after my first paycheck from my first real job after college.

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Art in the Time of Change

By Rebecca Flores-Mantilla Editor’s note: A FREE solo exhibition of Rebecca Flores’ work will take place from November 20–22, 2020, at Follow Your Art Community

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Four Writers, Four Scenes

By Lynn Sheridan, Joanna Rosenberg, Catherine Gombeski, and Christina Goodwin

Four scenes that set a character on a mission, create tension, and introduce an element of surprise.

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Diary of the Seamstress in Studio 5

By Tamara Kenney

Seamstress Tamara Kenney focuses on bridal alterations and redesign, as well as prom dresses. In September 2019, Tammy finally found a studio of her own for her burgeoning business, but by March 2020 the pandemic struck, cancelling many of her customers’ weddings and proms.

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