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Art Showing TODAY!

Friday May 24th 4PM-5PM. Aliah Elbaz, a Melrose High School sophomore, will have her art featured in the FYACS gallery. 

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Black and white photo of acoustic guitar by Jessica Lewis via Pexels

Fall in Love Again

By Gregory DeLaurier | “Our main destination was Cafe Le Hibou, a pretty famous place in its day. The perfect coffee house: dark, small, with just the right balance of alienation and cigarette smoke.”

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Photo of sliced ham on platter. Potted tulips in background.

What a Ham!

By Sam Stella | “I picked up the platter with the ham on it and started toward the dining room table, again. I didn’t get too far when I began bobbling the ham like a baseball.”

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Photo of gray wooden footbridge leading into forest by Chirstopher Politano, made available via Pexels

The Bridge

By Gregory F. DeLaurier | “He knew the forest would be back to greet him in a few months, green and lush, but he was never certain of this, as nothing is permanent.”

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