Blue and Yellow

By Katy Kennedy

Vicarious precarious stresses
what is it that we cannot see?

We can’t control the suffering
there is pain, our helplessness
and our yearning to support

Maybe we don’t understand the resiliency of people

Fight or flight, leave or stay
people bringing to life 
stories of ambiguous losses and courageous actions

Springing back into shape and recovery will take time

Rebuilding and reframing a new life 
somewhere unknown is overwhelming 

Important people loved 
may never be part of the future

Healing stages will erase some trauma
but many emotional responses will last forever

Katy Kennedy, a native of Melrose, spent years living overseas. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya and was awarded a Senior Fulbright Fellowship in Portugal. Her educational background in international relations and intercultural communication led her to specialize in mourning processes and PTSD in areas of conflict. She earned certifications in mediation and grief counseling when working in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Katy was inspired to write the poem, Blue and Yellow, while watching the evening news on St. Patrick’s Day about the war in Ukraine.

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