Arts for All: Join Our Creative Community

The Arts for All Program at Follow Your Art Community Studios is committed to building an inclusive, creative community which provides art experiences to all. We actively work to reduce barriers and increase access to our programs so that individuals who identify as members of traditionally marginalized populations feel as though they belong. 
Arts for All promotes equity and inclusion by providing tuition assistance, adaptive services, outreach programs to underserved communities, and free community arts opportunities for all.
Arts for All makes every effort within its resources to offer adaptive assistance for individuals with disabilities (learning, cognitive, and/or physical), persons with mental health needs, and/or persons who require interpretive services. This can look like making curricular and/or space accommodations or modifications, or hiring an assistant to provide individualized aid, to name a few.
In order to ensure that finances are not a barrier to accessing our programs, Arts for All offers tuition reductions for classes, workshops, vacation programs, and summer programs as well as payment plans. 
Follow Your Art is a member of the Massachusetts Card to Culture Program. Massachusetts-issued EBT and WIC cardholders are automatically qualified for a minimum of 50% off tuition costs. Assistance will vary based on need and is based on available funds.

Arts in Community

FYACS offers select free to participate community art opportunities at the big yellow house. Learn more here


FYACS also aims to develop partnerships with organizations and community groups working within underserved communities to bring arts experiences to their spaces and constituents. 


Arts for All provides partial funding for the creation and implementation of free and open to all art projects built in partnership with FYACS. 


Email: for more information or to ask about community collaborations. 


Building an equitable and equal arts community is a process:
we will amend as we learn and grow.

We know there are challenges accessing our program for some. We will do the research, have difficult conversations, and reach out to those who can help us when we don’t know. We are actively working to identify and remove those barriers as best we can. 

Our Current Goals: 

  • To continue to work towards building a more accessible space and program. 

  • To include outreach programs to those from traditionally underrepresented populations, including people of color and those who identify as LGBTQIA+

  • To develop partnerships with organizations working within underserved communities in order to collaborate on the creation and implementation of community creative opportunities that are free and open to everyone.

Our ultimate goal is
to help all people feel like they belong.

Arts for All is funded by individual donations from our community, and generous grants.  Grants have been provided by: 

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Melrose Messina Fund or the Arts