AIR for Visual Artists: The Studios

Find your own dedicated space to create as an Artist in Residence.

Studio rooms are available to artists working in a variety of media for single or shared use. Carve out a space for yourself while being an active part of our creative community. 

View the rooms below, or request a tour by emailing Learn more about the benefits of being part of our creative community here. 

Studio 1

Just at the top of the stairs, this room is 180 square feet with two north-facing windows and a very large closet. Ideal for 1-3 artists. $750/month.

Studio 2

A sweet spot with a large west facing window and a surprisingly large closet for 100 sq. ft. Ideal for 1-2 artists. $500/month

Studio 3

An extra large 240 sq. ft. turret room with two large closets and 4 southeast facing windows. This room could work well for 1-5 artists. $900/month.

Studio 4

Tucked away at the back of the house, this 180 sq. ft. room has a north and an east facing window and a decent closet. Ideal for 1-3 artists. $700/month.

Studio 5

A pretty room tucked away on the third floor with south facing windows and a great closet. 190 sq. ft, ideal for 1-3 artists. $550/month. 

Studio 6

A sweet little spot at the top of the house for 1-2 artists to share. 120 sq. ft. with one north facing window that sheds quite a lot of light for a smaller room. $450/month

Artist in Residence Benefits

  • Access to your studio from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • FYACS membership benefits for your entire family (including discounts on classes and workshops for everyone)
  • Monthly Open Studios to connect with the community
  • Opportunities to participate in bi-annual shows
  • Promotion on FYACS website with links to your web page
  • Social media promotion of art shows/events that you participate in outside of FYACS