The Goal: A ceramic studio in Melrose

It is the most common inquiry at FYACS: “Do you have pottery classes?”

From where we sit, it seems like everyone wants to try ceramics.  A summer wind storm which caused damage to our already failing side porch presented an opportunity: To rebuild that space into a small but fully functioning ceramic studio. While we will eventually construct a large ceramic studio in the basement of the Big Yellow House, this small studio can be completed much sooner.

What will make The Ceramic Studio unique?

As part of FYACS, the ceramic studio will integrate into our mission as your nonprofit community arts center. This means our Arts for All program will make sure ceramic classes are available to everyone. It means we will support new and aspiring artisans with wheel and kiln use. It means our collaborations with other community groups can now involve ceramic arts!

The Ceramic Studio at FYACS will be a resource for the greater Melrose area.

Many Melrose residents travel outside of town to take ceramic classes. Adding ceramics to FYACS keeps business in Melrose, attracting our residents and those outside of surrounding communities into Melrose, benefitting other local businesses. In addition to classes and workshops for all ages, we’ll have open times for experienced potters to use the wheels and have their work fired, plus opportunities for shows and sales.

$24,000 was raised by YOU to make this work!

We are immensely grateful to all of our donors, who exceeded our expectations. We have what we need to finish construction and purchase our kiln and wheels. 

What’s next?

Now we wait patiently for our windows (thank you, supply chain!) and work with our good friends at Kellscraft Construction and J. Bradley Architects to keep construction humming along. Our ceramic fundraising team will start tile production to thank our sponsors. We hire ceramic staff that can put a plan together for the best way to use the studio once it is finished. We hope to have the studio up and running by our spring session!

It's happening! Stay tuned.