The Ceramic Studio at FYACS

Our community has asked, and we are answering, by constructing a small ceramic studio at the Big Yellow House. We’re well on our way, and we need your help to finish the job.

The Goal: A ceramic studio in Melrose

It is the most common inquiry at FYACS: “Do you have pottery classes?”

From where we sit, it seems like everyone wants to try ceramics.  A summer wind storm which caused damage to our already failing side porch presented an opportunity: To rebuild that space into a small but fully functioning ceramic studio. While we will eventually construct a large ceramic studio in the basement of the Big Yellow House, this small studio can be completed this winter. 

What will make The Ceramic Studio unique?

As part of FYACS, the ceramic studio will integrate into our mission as your nonprofit community arts center. This means our Arts for All program will make sure ceramic classes are available to everyone. It means we will support new and aspiring artisans with wheel and kiln use. It means our collaborations with other community groups can now involve ceramic arts!

The Ceramic Studio at FYACS will be a resource for the greater Melrose area.

Many Melrose residents travel to ceramic studios outside of town to take classes. Adding ceramics to FYACS means keeping business in Melrose, attracting our residents and those outside of surrounding communities into Melrose, benefitting other local businesses.

The new studio will have opportunities for classes and workshops for all ages, as well as open times for experienced potters to use the wheels and have their work fired. Monthly opportunities for shows and sales are also possible.

How will this work?

The complete construction and outfitting cost for this new studio is $75,000-80,000. Through grants and generous donations, we have $60,000 of those funds secured, enough construct the room. In order to turn that room into a fully functioning pottery studio, we need to purchase wheels, a kiln, furniture and supplies.

We only have $15,000 left to raise to make this a reality.

To reach that goal...we need YOU

Why Donate? 

 A ceramics studio in the heart of Melrose offers a local opportunity for you to take classes and workshops in your own backyard, while bringing folks from surrounding communities to our downtown business district. Skip the drive to Somerville, take a workshop with your neighbors instead! You’ve always wanted to learn to throw pottery, now you can walk downtown to do it. 

Who will benefit?

Children, teens, and adults who live in or near Melrose and want to learn ceramic skills, teach classes/workshops, make/sell ceramic work, and come together and create as a community. Through the Arts for All Program, scholarships will be available for all programs at The Ceramic Studio. The studio will be available for amateur ceramicists who don’t otherwise have access to a wheel, glazing or firing. This is a studio for everyone.

Ready to make this happen? Count the ways!

Follow Your Art Community Studios is a 501(C)3 organization. Your donation may be tax deductible. Tax ID 83-1372132