The Writers Studio

Find your creative space and community. The Writers Studio offers writers a quiet, comfortable, communal space to write, think and be productive.

While the room itself is a dedicated quiet space, members of the Writers Studio meet regularly, host writing drop ins, workshops and author talks. The Writers Studio is open from 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. daily (with early bird access on selected days). The Studio is on the second floor and is currently accessible only by stairs. Members pay $60/month for unlimited access. 

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An inspirational space

The Writers Studio is a quiet shared writing space tucked away on the second floor of our beautiful Victorian house. The studio features a fireplace, lots of bookshelves, and large, light filled windows overlooking our stone church neighbor and downtown Melrose.

As a member, you’ll help shape this space with your fellow writers. Add to the shared library, bring in personal touches, and enjoy a cozy, quiet, inspirational room to work that is always ready and waiting for you. 

Be productive. Be inspired. 

Build your community

Members of the Writers Studio build community through regular meetings, workshops, and drop in creative writing opportunities. 

As part of the large creative community that is FYACS, writers can participate in a wide array of classes and workshops across creative media. Storytelling, improvisation, and lots of visual arts programs round out our offerings.

The Writers Studio is surrounded by other studios full of visual artists working in a variety of media. Get to know your creative community!

Benefits of joining the Writers Studio...

  • Daily access to the Writers Studio from 8 am-10 pm, plus early bird access on selected days.
  • Opportunity to network with other writers
  • Opportunity to join a community of writers and participate in critique groups and an annual reading
  • FYACS membership benefits for your entire family plus a $20 gift certificate from Bookends in Winchester. 
  • Access to the kitchen: fridge, microwave, stove, and K-cup coffee maker available. 
  • Borrow from our shared library
  • Post your writing profile on the FYACS website, publish on our blog, and promote your work
  • Stay in touch with FYACS writers through a private Facebook page
  • Hi Speed Wifi