We created Palette to give voice to the variety of perspectives that make up the FYACS community. If you are a FYACS artist, writer, member, student, or instructor, we want to share your work on Palette!

We post short stories, essays, interviews, artwork, poetry, and more. If you have a fully written piece, or just an idea, email us at Palette@FYAmelrose.org.

Want to contribute but need some ideas to get you started? Here are a few:

  • If you are an artist, we are particularly interested in posting photos of your recent work alongside your story about your artistic process, roadblocks, or breakthroughs.
  • If you are a writer, we’d love to post your essay, story, poem, or interview of someone who sparked your interest.
  • If you are an FYACS student, we’d love to see what you produced in your FYACS class, what you found challenging, or what inspired you.
  • If you are an FYACS instructor, we’d love to know what you teach and what you have learned from your students.

We love pieces that take us on a journey. We won’t consider posting content that contains gratuitous sex, violence, or foul language, nor will we consider content that is racist, sexist, homophobic, or hurtful.

Nuts and Bolts

  • Text: Please send content as an MS Word or Google document.
  • Artwork: Please attach high-resolution photos of your artwork in jpeg format, along with a caption.
  • Word count: We’re flexible. Generally, 600-1,200 words is a good guideline for non-fiction. However, microfiction and poetry are often shorter; stories and novel excerpts are often longer.
  • Bio: Please include a brief biography, including your affiliation with FYACS.
  • We will consider posting a piece that you have published elsewhere.
  • If you’ve recently been published in Palette, please wait 6 months before submitting again.
  • Email your submission to Palette@FYAmelrose.org

The editor will review your submission and let you know if we accept it for posting, typically within 2-4 weeks. The editor may also suggest or make edits to your piece.

See more of Palette.