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Palette’s Submission Guidelines

We created Palette to give voice to the variety of perspectives that make up the FYACS community. If you are a FYACS artist, writer, member, student, or instructor, we want to share your story on Palette!

We post short stories, essays, interviews, artwork, poetry, and more. If you have an idea or fully written piece, email us at

  • If you are an artist, we are particularly interested in posting photos of your recent work alongside your story about your artistic process, roadblocks, or breakthroughs.
  • If you are a writer, we’d love to post your essay, story, poem or interview. Consider interviewing an artist, craftsperson, elderly member of the community, or someone else you can learn from.
  • If you are an FYACS student, we’d love to see what you produced in your FYACS class, what you found challenging, or what inspired you.
  • If you are an FYACS instructor, we’d love to know what teaching has been like for you in recent months and what you have learned from your students.

These are just ideas, and we are open to hearing more. The underlying quality of Palette posts is that they should take the reader on a journey.

See our latest posts here:

We won’t consider posting content that contains gratuitous violence, foul language, or sex, nor will we consider content that is racist, sexist, homophobic, or prejudiced.

Nuts and Bolts

Word counts and artwork guidelines:

  • Text: Please send as MS Word document.
  • Artwork: Please send high resolution photos of your artwork in jpeg format, along with text that discusses your art
  • Non-fiction: 700-3,000
  • Short fiction: 800-3,000
  • Novel excerpts: 1,000- 5,000
  • Poetry: if your poems are short, we may be able to include up to 3 poems in one blog post.

Getting started

If you have an idea for a post or if you have a fully written piece, please send an email to

The editors will review your submission and let you know if we accept it for posting. Editors may also suggest small changes or make light edits.

See more of Palette.

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