A new direction...

Building community with creativity​

We Are Melrose square

For the Community

FYACS will provide space that supports, recognizes, and celebrates arts of all kinds by offering multigenerational opportunities for creative expression through classes, workshops, exhibits, and events.  


For Artists/Writers/Performers

FYACS will support local artists and cultural entities by providing space to create, share, and sell their work, which will allow them to make connections with other artists and the wider community.


For Social Action

In collaboration with other local organizations, FYACS will design and implement community art projects that will raise awareness to the social action needs of the greater Melrose area and beyond.

The Need

Melrose is a thriving city with a growing population looking for interactive cultural experiences. A community arts center can serve as a focal point and serve as a resource for the city, community groups, schools, and individuals for generations. In addition to providing creative arts services to the community, a dedicated creative space can provide an alternative venue for artist receptions, small cultural events, and private events that incorporate creative arts or community development.

The Space

FYACS is will be announcing a space to call our new home. Our creative community will be shaped to fill this space.

Our ideal space will offer opportunities for workshops and classes in visual, literary, and small performing arts, as well as providing studio space for visual artists, writers, and eventually musicians. We will be updating our growing community as soon as we know more. 

It's all about YOUR community...

Get Involved!

If you can donate an evening of reading, performing, or art making, we can provide the venue.

Do you know people that may also be interested in supporting a community arts center in Melrose? Plan or host a house party! Members of our board will come and meet with your friends to talk about our vision for a community arts center, and how you can be part of the plan.

girls pointing at hope banner

We REALLY need you! Can you help raise funds to seed our efforts? We have marketing and fundraising committees that need energized, organized people like to you help bring this vision to life.

Not an artist, writer or performer? Can you organize an event for one? You don’t even need to host! Send the invite, coordinate snacks and supplies, and we’ll take it from there.