A Place to Create

Our Residency program is for visual and literary artists who need dedicated work space and creative community support.

Rooms of various sizes can be used alone or with others for work in a variety of creative fields spanning the visual arts and creative writing. Creative professionals and novices/hobbyists are all welcome. 

Build your creative community

Each of our unique studios has room for one or more artists to store materials and make into a personal creative space in the heart of Melrose. In addition, our artists will be able to connect with the greater FYACS community through Open Studios, art shows, teaching and other opportunities.  Carve out a space for yourself while being an active part of our creative community. 

The Writers Studio

Nestled on the second floor is a quiet co-working space for writers and remote workers. Featuring a fireplace and large bookshelves, the space offers an attractive alternative to coffee shop writing in downtown Melrose.