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Photo of gray wooden footbridge leading into forest by Chirstopher Politano, made available via Pexels

The Bridge

By Gregory F. DeLaurier | “He knew the forest would be back to greet him in a few months, green and lush, but he was never certain of this, as nothing is permanent.”

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digital painting shows body of water, and rocky and wooded landscape, with a small building on the left.

Common Connections

By Olivia Frakt | “As a young person, there’s a lot of pressure to look and act a certain way, making creative outlets like writing and producing art vital to self-expression.”

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The writer as a small child and her grandfather at the farm in North Hampton, NH.


By Anne E. Macdonald | “Each time I drive down the road, I hope that the garden has miraculously returned. And each time I’m greeted by the flat, green lawn where the garden once was.”

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