Youth Artist Mentorships

Be someone’s hero…

Summer Studio plays in the rain!

Join Our Mentorship Team

  • Share your passion for creative arts by mentoring children
  • Be part of a dynamic creative team
  • Build leadership skills through mentoring children in the arts
  • Work with our staff to design your own projects and lead your own program.
  • Build communication skills by connecting with caregivers and community members
  • Become a creative kid’s favorite artist!
  • Internships with stipend compensation and hourly paid positions available 
  • Expected program hours: up to 5 hours per week during the school year, up to 20 hours per week paid in summer.

Learn skills that you will take beyond the Big Yellow House. Design creative projects for various ages and abilities, how to organize and run a group, how to communicate effectively with caregivers, and manage challenges along the way, all with the support of dedicated staff and mentors who will work alongside you.

More about Youth Employment at FYA…

Follow Your Art has provided training, internships, and employment for high school youth for several years. Beginning in 2021, we began to work more intentionally to provide meaningful training and “mentorship trees” for high school interns, to learn skills beyond washing paint brushes.

Our current program provides high school youth the opportunity to to be trained during internships that provide a stipend, and mentor under staff and more seasoned studio assistants to learn how to plan and present a creative activity for children, engage positively with kids of all abilities, and effectively and professionally communicate with caregivers .

Art Club led by our Youth Mentors

Create Your Opportunity is made possible by YouthReach, a grant awarded by Mass Cultural Council for Creative Youth  Development programs.