Artist in Residence: Before you apply...

Getting to know FYACS

Established in 2018 Follow Your Art Community Studios is a vibrant space in which people of all ages, abilities, and incomes can engage in meaningful creative experiences. Classes, workshops, and events will take place on the first floor, and are a vital part of our mission to bring the arts to all. Our space will be noisy, bustling, and at times bemusing as we grow into our new home at 647 Main Street, Melrose.

Resident artists and writers who occupy the upper studios must be willing and eager to work in such an active and developing environment. It will require flexibility and some patience. We are committed to creating a collegial and fun culture in which resident artists and writers work together and with staff to address any areas of concern.

We expect resident artists to be actively engaged in the life of Community Studios through teaching, volunteering, and connecting with the community through their art forms. We hope that they will be invigorated by their involvement with Community Studios and always feel free to propose ideas and programs for consideration.

Please note, as of now our upper studios are accessed by stairs. We have plans to make our second floor studios accessible by lift.

Hours of Operation and Studio Access

The FYACS office hours are Mon-Fri 9-5, though it is expected that first floor classes and workshops will occur well outside of those hours. Additional evening and weekend hours will be added on a week to week basis depending upon programming and special events. Notice will be provided to Artists/Writers-in-Residence of any major changes or events.

Artists/Writers-in-Residence will have unlimited access to their studio space on the 2nd or 3rd floor between the hours of 8:00am-10:00pm. Artists-in-Residence will be given a key to his/her studio space to be used at his/her discretion within these hours, and must sign in and out of the log book in the foyer of the building.

The Studio Agreement is a minimum twelve (12) month term, with the first month’s fee and security deposit (equal to one-half monthly fee) due upon signing (no security deposit is necessary for the Writer’s Room). Monthly fee is paid on the first day of each month to FYACS. The 7 Studios ranging from $450-900/ month may be rented individually or by 2-4 artists depending on the size of the studio. Studio-mates can be either self-selected or assigned by FYACS. The FYACS studio manager will work with you to determine a suitable work space based on your needs and preferences

All offers to artist applicants are subject to the results of applicant’s criminal, employment, and or credit history checks.  

Rules of Conduct

Studio care: Artists are encouraged to make themselves at home and can feel free to hang pictures and/or shelving on walls using the Wall Care information provided by the building owners.

Artists are required to keep their rooms in good condition. Floors should be regularly swept of debris weekly and spills cleaned up immediately.

FYACS will be covering the cost of utilities for the studio rooms. Please be respectful of this. Turn off/unplug any electrical appliances when not using, keep windows closed when the house is being heated, and lights off when not in the room.

Please follow all closing procedures (see below) when leaving your space for the day. A Designated Closer will check each studio at the end of the night.

Artists are expected to avoid using toxic chemicals, noxious fumes (such as turpentine) or excessive noise out of respect for the other building occupants.

On the FYACS premises: Artists are welcome to use the fridge in the kitchen to store food and to make use of the microwave and stove to heat food. Please label/date food in the fridge and clean up after yourself. Cleaning supplies are located under the sink.

Please note: The kitchen will be used for art programming for preschoolers. If you need to use the kitchen during that time, please be respectful of the children and the facilitator. Compliment small artists freely, then let them be!

Absolutely no smoking in or around the FYACS building.

Please avoid going through classes on the first floor if possible. If you want to access the kitchen from your studio, the back staircase will help you avoid having to walk through classes in session.

Opening/Closing Procedures:

FYACS is not a 24-hour facility. Artist residents will have access to their studios between 8:00 am and 10:00 pm. All artists must sign in and out in the log book, and can record any issues/needs there. The front door to the building will be unlocked only during the hours that FYACS is running programming on the first floor. Each resident artist will have a code to access the front door outside those hours.

CLOSING: Artists are asked to do the following when leaving their spaces each day: Turn off/unplug all electrical appliances, close all windows, properly store/remove potentially combustible materials, bring trash downstairs to the proper outside receptacles. Absolutely no food trash can be left in studios overnight.

The Designated Closer (DC) is responsible for making sure that all trash is emptied, lights/appliances are off, the heat is down, and the building is empty and secure before leaving for the night. A checklist will be provided. A DC is required for the building to remain open past regular hours.


We expect artists and writers to be active participants in the FYACS creative community. We recognize that everyone’s schedules, obligations, and needs outside of the studio are diverse, so we have a broad array of options for artists and writers to consider to fulfill that engagement request. These include teaching, Open-Close duties, hosting open studios, or various short-term tasks involving an event or fundraiser. 

Interpersonal issues/concerns: Artists in Residence are expected to treat each other with respect and dignity and resolve any personal differences and disputes between themselves. At his/her discretion the studio manager may intervene on behalf of FYACS if the issue has the potential to impact the broader FYACS community. Any artist or writer who has a safety concern about the behavior of another member should report to the Executive Director immediately.