Native American Style Flute Circle

Flute circles are events where enthusiasts of Native American Style Flutes (NASF) (players, flute makers, and or people who just want to listen) gather to share their enthusiasm and appreciation for this instrument. Flute circles typically have a host or facilitator, and players go around the circle taking turns to play. The Flute Circle welcomes, encourages, and appreciates all levels of players. Whether you have a repertoire of songs, like improvising, or want to play your first notes, you’ll find a place in our circle.  (In addition to NASF players, we welcome other instruments that can be played to support the flute music, and welcome anyone who wants to listen and/or is curious about these beautiful instruments.) 

Stop by on Friday, March 31st, between 7 and 9PM! All ages welcome.

About the Facilitator: John Gass picked up the NASF while living in the Pacific Northwest, and has been playing for over 16 years. In addition to his love of playing, John has a passion for sharing and helping others develop their own talents with this beautiful instrument. John taught a beginner course at FYA this Winter.

Homemade soup and salad will be available for those observing Ramadan. Tea and cookies will be available for all. All are welcome to bring tea and snacks to share pot-luck style. 

This event is Free. Donations are gratefully accepted to support our efforts to provide more events like these!