Imagination Stage: ShowStoppers & Scene Stealers! Creative theater programs for grades K-5- Register Now!

When imaginations lead the way, the show that follows is always an adventure! (StowStoppers K-2)

From your child’s imagination straight to the stage, this program brings kids together for a common goal that respects individuality. It’s a great space for active, creative kids with big imaginations and a flair for the dramatic! Using classic tales as inspiration, imaginations take over from beginning to end.  Each week, the cast will create an original show in which they are storytellers, actors, playwrights, and designers!  Mara uses creative theater games to engage the group in the entire creative process of putting together their original play. Cast members build cooperation and communication skills as they work together to bring their creation to life. Each cast will perform their show LIVE for you and special guests on Fridays at 11:30. 

For creative kids, from one theme comes infinite possibilities! (Scene Stealers 3-5)

Get ready to go from imagination to the stage this summer with Scene Stealers! Similar to our morning program but designed with older elementary students in mind, each week our cast will use a different theme as inspiration to create an original play. Your child will learn the fundamentals of theater by participating in the entire creative process through acting techniques, creative theater games and performing with scene partners. Everyone will have a chance to be actors, playwrights, and designers by working together to develop characters, the plot, and self-author lines for our show. Our week will culminate with a live performance of our original play for you and special guests.

Please note and abide by age ranges; we will not accept students too young for listed programs.