How it Works...


We have different size shadow boxes that reflect the donation category. The boxes will be connected and as the donations grow, so will the piece of art.

Special Thanks to Artist and Craftsman in Saugus for donating the shadowbox supplies!

THE FOUNDERS CIRCLE ($5000 donation)
Box size: 16″x16″ (art size 14×14) or 12×24 (art size 10×22)
Box Size: 14×14″ (art size 12×12) or 14×18 (art size 12×16)
Box Size: 11×14″ (art size 9×12) or 12×12 (art size 10×10)

THE DONOR will choose an available artist of his liking to create a piece of art in his or her honor. The chosen artist will work with the Donor to create a piece of art that resonates with the Donor. For instance, Mr. Smith may love cats and would like his work to reflect that or he may want it to be even more personal and incorporate his family coat of arms, company logo or a personal object. Or the artist may already have a piece of work that the donor connects with and would like to use as his public piece. Both the artist and donors names will be recognized on the box.

**DONORS CAN COMBINE EFFORTS! Two families can pool resources to be a Friend of the Arts!

ARTISTS may create 2d or 3d art. Once an artist has created a piece they will be removed from the brochure and a new artist will be added. We will showcase 12 artists at a time. Currently our first brochure is in print

The Artists

CAROLINE SAINIS is a folk artist in Melrose. Her work is a reflection of her love for her family; a cross-cultural expression that is bright and lighthearted. She works with acrylic paint and detailed black on white ink drawings. She has always loved the bright colors and simple whimsy of folk arts from North, Central and South America. While visiting family in India, Caroline gained first hand exposure and appreciation for the arts of India. These influences are apparent in her work.

ROSALIE SADOWSKI uses a palette knife to create texture in still life subjects and animal portraits. By painting on black canvas, the striking contrast between subject matter and her color stories push the viewer to see the common as art. She finds beauty in simplicity which transitions the ordinary into surreal. With no foreground or placement, her subjects are eternally displaced, forever living in memory and abstraction.

KERRY PEGORARO works in a variety of media including oil, acrylic and cut paper. While she primarily categorizes herself as a painter, Kerry also enjoys making woodblock and white line prints. She will frequently mix more than one medium or technique in any given piece and much of her work has a certain tongue-in-cheek humor to it. Most of what she make leans towards abstraction, often with a few elements of realism mixed in. 


DEBRA CORBETT is a nationally collected and award winning abstract painter. With an active home studio she creates art work that has an interesting surface quality while at the same time offering the viewer non representational imagery to ponder. Her choice of materials for the mixed media process include plaster, acrylic paints, graphite, and metallic glazes. Textural surface is a key to the final image she creates.


JEN BLESSO is an abstract artist and teacher. She is drawn to fiber arts and mixed media. Currently Jen works in acrylics; layering and working up colors while adding various materials. Paper, metal, tree bark, sequins and other found objects are incorporated into her work to create texture and interest. For Jen, making art is when she feels the bravest and the most free to take risks in her creative endeavors. She hopes to pass this empowerment on to her children and her students.


CHIARA PIERI is a printmaker and illustrator who is influenced by the natural world and the stories we tell. Her work features bold colors and line work, often with painted details. Each piece is carved from blocks of linoleum and then hand-pressed with acrylic inks to create individual layers of color. Chiara also enjoys working with printed black lines and incorporates watercolor to add a three dimensional quality to her work.

SALLY BOWMAN GORDON is a Melrose artist and Jewish Educator in Peabody. She is drawn to nature, religious symbols, and interesting objects that she incorporates into her mixed media representations. She is just beginning to share her work with others by showing in local exhibitions. She began painting years ago and recently began adding homemade paper to her works to create more texture.  Sally’s work takes on a sculptural quality that she believes comes from her father’s guiding hand; he was a sculptor.

CARIANNE ROCHE has been a resident of Melrose for more than 20 years. She combines her interest in photography with her love of animals (background in wildlife biology). While raising her family in Melrose, she took her two children to the Stone Zoo many times and rediscovered the love of photography. When able, Cari travels the country taking pictures (favorite locations include San Diego and New York).  Recently, she expanded her portfolio from focusing solely on animals to now including landscapes and nature photography.

SUE DRAGOO LEMBO is a professional artist working from her home studio or in plein air. Her work includes not so serious still-lifes; New England landscapes, and whimsical articles of clothing. Her style is a mix of realism and whimsy depending on the subject. Working mainly in oil paint but always trying something new, Sue finds clean, bright color and strong design to be key elements in her art. She strives to create a narrative in each piece that her viewers will connect with.

PENELOPE YOUNG is a Melrose artist, who works mostly in fiber.  She dyes, paints, and prints her own fabric. Then uses the fabric to create Art Quilts.  These quilts are embellished with stitching, beads, buttons and found objects. 


BETH COPP is a Melrose artist specializing in oils and acrylics. Inspired by in the world around her, her art encourages the viewer to see the world from a different perspective, whether it be looking up and out or looking in…



EVA CINCOTTA is a native of Malden and resides in Melrose, Massachusetts. She believes there is a certain satisfaction with combining the tension of space, balance, and subject matter to create the most comforting relationship. I love the idea of painting ordinary mundane subjects and transforming them into colorful imagery. My work shifts from the attempt to present the world as it is and find the unusual positions to bring out the character that the usual onlooker may not see. Color and light, for me, always take on the role of transporting images to another era that provides nostalgia and the memories of a simpler time. My urge is to always leave the viewer with a sense of past tranquility that may give a moment’s pause within our busy days. 


NANCY ROLL is a painter in both oil, acrylic and enamel. Her paintings portray the beauty of the New England landscape. Painting outdoors in local areas like Breakheart Reservation and Plum Island is her favorite activity. She is most interested in capturing fleeting light and color conditions during different seasons and times of day.


ELLEN ROLLI is a contemporary painter interpreting subject and emotion in an abstract, intuitive way. The instinctive process of daring paint application, color, texture and the element of discovery inspire her, allowing more freedom, more risk-taking. As a painting evolves, she reacts to the dialogue between herself and her art. She does not search for the literal truth of subject. Instead she seeks an expressive, emotional reaction.


LYNNE DODGE is a local artist residing in Melrose. Her work has been shown locally and in Europe but her main focus has been on the painting process. Lynne describes her work as impressionistic realism trying to convey the power of light in the world around us. Her paintings strive to inspire appreciation of the sometimes less obvious beauty in our environment. The biggest influences on her work have been dedicated teachers and the Scottsdale Artists’ School.


SARA GRAVANTE is a Melrose artist and graphic designer who loves to work intuitively in acrylics, watercolor, ink, and printmaking. Sara’s work celebrates her passion for the landscape, maps and the abstract. She has been dedicated to many community art projects and was the designer for both the Melrose Diversity Project: Map of Melrose and “The Keep Melrose Beautiful” mural which are both currently on public display.


DAVID WINKLER creates landscape paintings with an eye toward the story told by each place. Working with both PleinAir and imagined landscapes the artist depicts environments that reflect the depth of our own history with the natural world. With over twenty-five years experience in the art world the artist has works in many private collections across the United States and internationally.


KRIS RODOLICO is a three-dimensional artist who finds inspiration from organic forms in the natural environment. Her pieces are sculpted in clay by building up and carving away material. The sculpted and fired clay forms are then mounted on wood and uniquely finished by layering color and texture in acrylic paint, glaze and oil pastels which accent the three-dimensional form and highlight the intricacies of the clay’s surface.