We will have several different size shadow boxes, reflecting the donation category. The art will be a bit smaller than the box so that it may fit inside the box. The boxes will be connected and as the donations grow, so will the piece of art.

THE FOUNDERS CIRCLE ($5000 donation)
Box size- 16″x16″ for a 14×14 artpiece, or 12×24 for a 10×22 art piece. 
Box Size- 14×14 for a 12×12 artpiece, or 14×18 for a 12×16 art piece.
Box Size-11×14 for a 9×12 artpiece, 12×12 for a 10×10 artpiece 

THE DONOR will choose an available artist of his liking to create a piece of art in his or her honor. The chosen artist will work with the Donor to create a piece of art that resonates with the Donor. For instance, Mr. Smith may love cats and would like his work to reflect that or he may want it to be even more personal and incorporate his family coat of arms, company logo or a personal object. Or the artist may already have a piece of work that the donor connects with and would like to use as his public piece(artist willing of course). 

Both the artist and donors names will be recognized on the box.

ARTISTS may create 2d or 3d art. Once an artist has created a piece they will be removed from the brochure and a new artist will be added. We will showcase 12 artists at a time. Currently our first brochure is in print.