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JEN BLESSO is an abstract artist and teacher. She is drawn to fiber arts and mixed media. Currently Jen works in acrylics; layering and working up colors while adding various materials. Paper, metal, tree bark, sequins and other found objects are incorporated into her work to create texture and interest. For Jen, making art is when she feels the bravest and the most free to take risks in her creative endeavors. She hopes to pass this empowerment on to her children and her students.

LYNNE DODGE is a local artist residing in Melrose. Her work has been shown locally and in Europe but her main focus has been on the painting process. Lynne describes her work as impressionistic realism trying to convey the power of light in the world around us. Her paintings strive to inspire appreciation of the sometimes less obvious beauty in our environment. The biggest influences on her work have been dedicated teachers and the Scottsdale Artists’ School.

REBECCA FLORES-MANTILLA is the recipient of The Foundation Trust’s Emerging Artist Fellowship. She is a native New Englander living in Malden, MA. She loves working in a variety of mediums but her favorites are painting with acrylic and oils and creating illustrations.  Growing up here in the Northeast she was able to experience all that New England has to offer from trips to Montreal to vacationing down the Cape. Rebecca has also traveled extensively nationally and internationally, taking in different cultures and new experiences. She loves bringing all that she has experienced into her artwork.

ERIKA LALLY is a recipient of The Foundation Trust Working Artist Resident award. She is a mixed media with a Masters in Art Therapy from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Her work can be viewed on Instagram  
“My art is mixed media and collage. I love the tactile quality of using my hands, cutting, smoothing, sticking, melting, digging. I am interested in forests, light, shade, depth, nature and culture. I want to start visual dialogues with others: for them to see my work and then see deeper into what images meld to make it. The longer you look and engage the more you will see. A Gestalt is an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. Aristotle opined that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. My art explores the multiple layers of images and the interplay of the parts that make the whole.”

BRIAN ORR is a pediatrician who has worked on his art for 40 years. He has used many mediums including watercolors, pastels, ceramics, glass and, currently, paper. He and his daughter, Theresa, enjoy working on individual pieces as well as collaborations. He and his daughter draw a figure and then ‘color it with paper’. They create collages with birds, animals, cityscapes, and seascapes as their subjects. Their pieces have been labeled ‘colorful’ and ‘whimsical’ by admirers.

KERRY PEGORARO is a self-taught artist residing in Melrose. She currently works in an abstract style in mixed media, with a focus on printmaking, cut paper, and painting. Her influences and inspiration can come from anywhere – patterns in nature, an unexpected shape encountered during her day, or even something more fleeting, like a dream or a memory. No matter what she creates, her work constantly strives to be an exploration of texture, color, and movement.


CHIARA PIERI is a printmaker and illustrator who is influenced by the natural world and the stories we tell. Her work features bold colors and line work, often with painted details. Each piece is carved from blocks of linoleum and then hand-pressed with acrylic inks to create individual layers of color. Chiara also enjoys working with printed black lines and incorporates watercolor to add a three dimensional quality to her work.